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MAKLUBA RECIPE (Arab recipe of rice)

I lived in Jordan for three years with my husband, because he studied there, and from the beginning I was in love with their rice preparation. Even I don’t eat the meat now, I taste it sooo much, just rice and vegetables.
Below you have the recipe of the makluba.
• Chicken meat
• Rice 360 g ( 6 cups of coffe)
• Potato 2
• Cauliflower 1
• Eggplante 1
• Himalaya salt
• Kurkuma
• Oil
Boil the chicken meat, with salt. During the time that the chicken meat is boiling chop the potato, eggplant and cauliflower, an fry them with oil and himalaya salt. The cauliflower after frying it, put a little bit water in it and let boling for 15 min.Then clean the rice with water, until the rice water is clear, when the chicken meat is boiled put in the baking pan and in the other side put some oil,mix spices and red pepper mix it well and put over the chicken meat, let it for 15 minutes in the oven , 250 °C.
Put the rice in the container,together with fried vegetables, add the chicken meat water, himalaya salt and 2 tbs of kurkuma (for 6 cups of coffe rice, add 12 cups of coffe chicken water) and boil in the low temperature. And for them who don’t eat the meat, add water.
It’s so delicious, and my kids never refuse it.

Video below…

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