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We know that kids love ice creams when they see tha sun, and I decided to prepare icecream at home, and knowing for sure what is in it.
Below you have an easy and healthy recipe of icecream, that you can prepare at home for your lovely kids.

• Milk 200 ml
• Bananas 2
• Black chocolate 1
• Cream 1 tbs
Chop tha bananas and the black chocolate, put all ingredients in the same container and then crush all ingredients together with a fork. Mix them well and then put the mixture at the forms of ice cream or you can use the ice cube tray.
Let the mixture during the night in fridge and tomorrow it will be ready for you and your kids.
This is so easy and healthy method for ice cream, because kids enjoy the ice creams and take the nutritional of the ingredients, which usually they don’t like them.
From those ingredients I make 6 ice creams, as the picture shown by me.

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