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Nita Haxhishabani

Our blog, has someone with experience in nutrition, she is Nita Haxhishabani. Nita, for four years, runs the BlerinaDIET Pristina (Kosovo) – based line of scientifically recommended nutrition education and counseling that helps all those who want to lose weight and not only.
All the inspiration for this field came from the desire to do something different related to the importance of health and its close connection with food.
In addition to her daily professional side with the client, she spends her free time trying new recipes about cooking, finding her playing tennis and doing yoga, already her second love.
Together on this site we will be promoting a new lifestyle, with the right tips for certain products, a beautiful professional challenge for a healthy education, diet and nutrition awareness.

In our blog Nita, offers various tips on nutrition, considering the requirements of the followers.

She has an advice for you:

“Favor your health, improve your appearance and enhance your quality of life in a healthy way is the most beautiful gift you can make for yourself”. 

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